“I have been in the building supply business for 40 years. Over that many years, I have seen a lot of vendors come and go. I started doing business with Snavely Forest Products in 1998. Throughout these 15 years, they have been our number one supplier consistently year after year. Snavely always keeps us up to date with new product lines. They are our primary supplier for EWP needs. Snavely and Guy C. Lee Building Materials work together as a team. This has worked out great over the years, and our business has grown because of it. We look forward to doing business with Snavely Forest Products for many more years to come as one of our top business partners.”


Mike Ennis

Regional Manager, Guy C. Lee Building Materials

Design Services


Design Services

Snavely Forest Products Engineered Wood Design Service offers: An experienced and knowledgeable staff will help identify optimal Engineered Wood Products that will fit the specific conditions and specifications of your project. Our additional services include:

  • Clear, comprehensive placement layout plans for I-Joist, LVL, Glulam and Open  Joist Triforce.
  • Sealed calculations when required
  • Product training for Customers & Builders
  • Sales pull through
  • Lunch & learn training sessions for architects
  • I – Joist and beam sizing for roof and floor systems
  • Product lists and estimates are competitive and turned around quickly
  • Snavely Forest Products has electronic capabilities for Plan Transfer via EDI, EFT
  • We distribute Engineered Wood Products whose manufacturers offer certified AIA continuing education credits.



North Carolina